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Looking for a bow but don't want to pay a new bow price?

Check out these models and SAVE!

Prices include FREE set-up to fit you!

 Got questions?  Need more information or pics? 

 Email, call store at 304/594-9126,

or text 304/680-1697

Various forms of payment available including 90 day layaway, credit card, and Paypal

Shipping to your door available

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       USED Bows:

       M3:  Mathews Apex:  rh, gold, 60/28 -- on SALE $500

       H1. Hoyt Defiant:  rh, UA camo, CBE quiver, Hoyt site, QAD HDX rest -- on SALE $900

        H3.  Hoyt Nitrum 34, rh, snow camo, 70/31 -- $675

       H5:  Hoyt UltraTec XT 4000:  rh, red target, 60/28 -- on SALE $250

       M4:  Mathews Creed, rh, black, 70/29, site, rest, quiver -- $600

       M1:  Mathews Halon 6, rh, camo, 70/28.5, site, rest -- $700

       M2:  Mathews Halon 32, rh, camo, 50/26 -- $600

       Additional used bows in stock.  Call or stop in to inquire!